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Betty Boop meets Dirty Harry in “The Roxie Hart Syndrome,” a short play
about a struggling actress who can’t get a break, and decides to take
matters into her own hands. She’s charming and you’re smitten in less time
than it takes to hail a cab — with your app.

Hers is just one of a dozen or so stories inspired by the world of burlesque
and condensed into captivating 15-minute performances at Micro Teatro
Mexico, a beehive of theatrical activity in Mexico City’s Colonia Santa
Maria la Ribera.

You can pick and choose the plays you want to see, or see everything spread
over several nights. Don’t miss all things burlesque, which runs for another
three weeks before the playwrights tackle a different topic. Performances
run Thursday through Sunday.

Micro Teatro Mexico
Roble 3, Col. Santa Maria la Ribera (Metro Buenavista)
Tel: 6390 5060


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On January 6, three South American passengers land at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport only to get sucked into a bureaucratic black hole generated by baffling immigration procedures and the bungling or corrupt officials handling them. That’s the premise of the play “Juarez 6.01,” a hilarious and hard-hitting political farce in which nothing is clear and no one is innocent, including the alleged offenders, each of whose motives for being in Mexico is murkier than the next.

“Nobody comes off looking good in this play,” says director Ernesto Alvarez, an Uruguayan who has lived in Mexico for the past 15 years. “Deceit is a constant theme throughout the story, but it also touches on the Latin American exodus, fleeing the dictatorships, searching for better opportunities abroad, the expatriate experience.”

Written by Mexican actor-director Eduardo Castañeda, “Juarez” features well-known Argentinean-born actor Juan Carlos Colombo, who has lived in Mexico since 1975 and appeared in the groundbreaking 2003 film “La Ley de Herodes” (released in the U.S. as “Herod’s Law”). The play stars Juan Carlos Medellin as an affable yet rotten-to-the-core immigration agent eager to profit from the misfortune of others.

  • Juarez 6.01, El respeto al derecho me es ajeno
  • Teatro Casa de la Paz, Cozumel 33, Colonia Roma
  • T. 5286 5315;
  • Until April 15: Thursday/Friday at 8 pm, Saturday/Sunday at 6 pm
  • General admission: 150 pesos

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Mexico City’s Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel & Towers have teamed up to bring you a classic Friday night feature: dinner and a movie. On the third Friday of the month, plus special holidays like Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to see recent releases accompanied by a menu inspired by what’s on screen. Movies & Dinner starts this Valentine’s Day at the hotel’s Amici restaurant, with a screening of “What’s Your Number?”, starring Anna Farris. Her culinary costars include Ensalada Valentina (with fire-grilled shrimp and tropical fruits in a honey-fig dressing), Filete Amoroso (filet mignon in a mushroom sauce) and Sueño de Amor (white chocolate mousse with a bougainvillea coulis). Already have plans for Tuesday night? There’ll be a repeat function Friday the 17th. Highlights from the roster of upcoming films include Miss Bala (March 16; expect something Norteño), We Bought a Zoo (May 10 and May 18; expect the unexpected), and The Descendants (June 17 and June 22; expect a luau).

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Set the tone for 2012 by ringing in the New Year doubled over with laughter. Cuban-born stand-up comedian and singer-songwriter Virulo, a.k.a. Alejandro Garcia, will be headlining December 31st at El Bataclan de La Bodega, an intimate Mexico City nightclub located in the Condesa district. Virulo is famed for his hilarious send up of cultural idiosyncrasies, particularly his own and those of his adopted country, Mexico, with shows like “El bueno, el malo y el cubano” (The Good, the Bad, and the Cuban), “Comes y te vas” (Eat and Run), and the “Buena Risa Social Club.”

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Cesar Enriquez is a fire-eating street urchin who poses as a deputy, stripper, plumber, healer and assorted other vocations in “Pacheco a la carta,” a cabaret act he wrote and stars in starting Friday, August 5th at Mexico City’s Foro A Poco No. One of Mexico’s leading young proponents of cabaret-style theater, Enriquez brings his political satire to the stage with the help of a grant from Mexico’s National Fund for Culture and Arts (Fonca).

Pacheco’s two-weekend run will be followed by Enriquez’s second cabaret production “Caricia del Rio,” starring the actor/singer and director as a Mexican diva with a fondness for delivering her edicts in Spanglish: “La chancla que yo tiro I never pick up again.” Caricia is an image consultant to the masses, helping the common people survive the crisis with classes on how to improve their looks, be more glamorous, have a better personality, “whitewash reality, disguise it, dress it up,” says Enriquez.

  • Pacheco a la carta (Ni muy muy ni Tin-Tan)
  • August 5 to 14
  • Caricia del Rio: Ni rielera ni esclava (Just a Beautiful Girl)
  • August 19 to 28
  • Foro A Poco No, Republica de Cuba 49, Historic Center, Mexico City
  • Fridays at 8:30 pm, Saturdays at 8 pm, Sundays at 6:30 pm
  • General admission: 125 pesos

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Mexico’s pioneers of stand-up comedy will be headlining at Mexico City’s alternative downtown venue Foro A Poco No, every Tuesday in February as part of a month-long comedy festival. To get a preview of some of the up-and-coming talent featured, check out:


ROBERTO FLORES <;feature=related>


FORO A POCO NO, Republica de Cuba 49, Historic Center, Mexico City

February 1, 8, 15 and 22


Though it has its share of artifacts under glass, Mexico City’s new Museum of Tequila and Mezcal also takes a proactive approach to its subjects. The price of admission includes a sampling of spirits and weekly taste tests complement the history of tequila with its latest developments. Last Wednesday night, tequila makers and enthusiasts gathered at the museum’s open-air rooftop terrace, which has a bar and lounge area, to sample a few of the newest premium brands on the scene, including all-natural Ekeco, certified organic by the USDA; Tequilador, featuring a line of flavored tequilas like Belgian chocolate, coconut and pomegranate; and Altisima, whose smooth, sophisticated taste is supposedly due to a steady dose of Mozart during the production process. Inaugurated in December of 2010, the museum hopes to expand its range of activities to include guided excursions of the neighborhood, talks by experts, and other events. A mezcal tasting is scheduled for this Wednesday, February 3.

  • Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal
  • Plaza Garibali, Historic Center, Mexico City
  • T. 5529 1238
  • (coming soon)
  • Hours: Thursday to Monday, 11 am to 7 pm; Wednesdays, 11 am to midnight; closed Tuesdays
  • General admission: 50 pesos; Wednesday taste tests, about 200

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