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teacupSay “I hear you” with this unique tea set by ceramist Oscar Vazquez Alanis, part of the 6th Biennial of Utilitarian Ceramics at Mexico City’s Franz Mayer Museum. There’s lots more on show and it’s just as amusing, including candlesticks with a plumbing theme and a lamp that lights up a forest. In all, 89 pieces by 70 artists from 12 Mexican states.

The museum is also hosting the 1st Biennial of Silver Design, featuring 80 creations, some award winners.

Ceramics exhibit on through Jan. 12, silver biennial, until Jan. 19.


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Titanic Treasure Trove on Show in Mexico City

By Titanic I mean L-A-R-G-E exhibit of Mexican silver art through the ages and up to today, with some pieces even beamed in from the future. Spectacular, don’t miss it. A challenge to see both floors in one day, luckily it’s on through end of May, so you can pace yourself. See you there.·-plata-y-diseno-en-mexico-1880-2012

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The discovery of the New World implied the discovery of a new world of no-no’s, a recently inaugurated exhibit of religious art shows. Transgression and Temptation in New Spain, now showing at Tepotzotlan’s National Viceregal Museum near Mexico City, illustrates the array of sins, peccadilloes and offenses that preoccupied the clergy and ruling classes in colonial-era Mexico, including some that were never an issue before, such as indulging in too much chocolate or pulque, two staples of the pre-Hispanic diet that were unknown in Europe. Both were believed to boost your energy levels, but also your libido if taken in excess, so prohibitions soon followed. This novel exhibit brings together artwork from major collections, including Mexico City’s Franz Mayer Museum and the Guadalupe Museum of Zacatecas, as well as major artists from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The 74 pieces on show, ranging from oil paintings to banned books, are grouped into four themes, including the struggle between good and evil and the road to salvation.

  • El pecado y las tentaciones en la Nueva España
  • Museo Nacional del Virreinato
  • Plaza Hidalgo 99, Tepotzotlan, Estado de Mexico
  • Until April 29, 2012

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The work of hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck is on show for the first time in Mexico City at the San Ildefonso Museum. Combining his knowledge of the human body with mastery of such materials as silicone rubber and fiberglass, Mueck creates amazingly realistic figures mostly going about their daily lives, gathering wood, day dreaming, floating on a pool raft. But though eerily lifelike, Mueck’s sculptures are almost never life-size. In ‘In Bed,” the figure of a reclining woman lost in thought takes up an entire room, dwarfing everything and everyone around her; in “Still Life,” a lifeless plucked chicken about the size of a large cow hangs upside down from the ceiling. The Australian-born sculptor, who worked as a model maker for film and TV before an artistic collaboration inspired him to pursue fine art, seems to use size the way a painter might use color to create a mood or effect. The exhibit features nine of Mueck’s works, created between 2000 and 2009, and runs until February 5, 2012.

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