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Chile en nogada: gay or straight?

I haven’t actually read Simon Doonan’s book, though I’m looking forward to it (something tells me I have more in common with gay men than with French women). But I did come across an excerpt in the Guardian online (“The ‘Gay Diet’”) where Doonan is quoted as claiming that “Mexican food is unbelievably macho” and points to a burrito as proof. This makes me think that Doonan’s idea of eating Mexican food is ordering from Taco Inn (who knew they were still around?). Anybody remotely familiar with Mexican cuisine can tell you that it covers the entire spectrum of human sexuality, from frijoles charros (Mexican style baked beans; decidedly macho, homophobic even) to chiles en nogada (an elaborate stuffed chili dish sprinkled with pomegranate seeds; Liberace on acid gay, to borrow a phrase from the author). In between, there’s tamales (could swing both ways) and enchiladas (enjoys threesomes). Simon, if you’re ever in Mexico, dinner is on me.


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