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teacupSay “I hear you” with this unique tea set by ceramist Oscar Vazquez Alanis, part of the 6th Biennial of Utilitarian Ceramics at Mexico City’s Franz Mayer Museum. There’s lots more on show and it’s just as amusing, including candlesticks with a plumbing theme and a lamp that lights up a forest. In all, 89 pieces by 70 artists from 12 Mexican states.

The museum is also hosting the 1st Biennial of Silver Design, featuring 80 creations, some award winners.

Ceramics exhibit on through Jan. 12, silver biennial, until Jan. 19.


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The capital’s Franz Mayer Museum is holding its annual orchid show, featuring nearly 60 different types of the flowering plants. Like many flowers, the show will only last a few days, but you can still catch it this weekend.

The museum has been turning its usually serene colonial courtyard into an orchid fest each fall since 2004 in honor of its founder, the German-born Franz Mayer, an avid art and orchid collector. This year, it decided to hold the show in spring, as several species only flower in April and May, including the Cuitlauzina Pendula, an orchid endemic to Mexico.

The exhibit will run through Sunday, May 9th, and includes the sale of orchids, as well as related seminars and workshops.

“Spring Orchids 2010”

Franz Mayer Museum

Av. Hidalgo 45, Historic Center, Mexico City

Until May 9, 10 am to 5 pm

Admission: $45.00 pesos; children under 6 and adults over 60, free

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