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Tornaviaje, or Return Voyage, a Mexico City exhibit, spotlights China’s artistic influence on the New World through trade.

The Manila Galleon, better known in Spanish as the Nao de China, regularly plied the Pacific, bringing Chinese silks, spices and lots of other goodies from the Orient to Mexico’s Pacific coast port of Acapulco. Some of it would then be shipped overland to Veracruz, on the Gulf Coast, and loaded onto ships bound for Europe.

The artistic fusion between the Far East and the New World is clear in many of the pieces on show, which were mainly made by Chinese artisans to suit European tastes, including elaborately decorated leather and wooden chests, embroidered silk shawls, carved ivory statues and ceramics.

Argh! Apparently the eyepatch wasn’t the only accessory in the pirate’s wardrobe. The scary metal mask below was reportedly worn by the infamous Dutch pirate Lorencillo, who had a long and lucrative career sacking Acapulco, Veracruz, Campeche and other Mexican ports.


Tornaviaje: The Nao de China and the Baroque in Mexico
Franz Mayer Museum
Through Oct. 30


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Titanic Treasure Trove on Show in Mexico City

By Titanic I mean L-A-R-G-E exhibit of Mexican silver art through the ages and up to today, with some pieces even beamed in from the future. Spectacular, don’t miss it. A challenge to see both floors in one day, luckily it’s on through end of May, so you can pace yourself. See you there.·-plata-y-diseno-en-mexico-1880-2012

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Mexico City’s Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel & Towers have teamed up to bring you a classic Friday night feature: dinner and a movie. On the third Friday of the month, plus special holidays like Mother’s Day, you’ll be able to see recent releases accompanied by a menu inspired by what’s on screen. Movies & Dinner starts this Valentine’s Day at the hotel’s Amici restaurant, with a screening of “What’s Your Number?”, starring Anna Farris. Her culinary costars include Ensalada Valentina (with fire-grilled shrimp and tropical fruits in a honey-fig dressing), Filete Amoroso (filet mignon in a mushroom sauce) and Sueño de Amor (white chocolate mousse with a bougainvillea coulis). Already have plans for Tuesday night? There’ll be a repeat function Friday the 17th. Highlights from the roster of upcoming films include Miss Bala (March 16; expect something Norteño), We Bought a Zoo (May 10 and May 18; expect the unexpected), and The Descendants (June 17 and June 22; expect a luau).

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teoti_vertOn his official visit to Mexico City this week, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom took the opportunity to take in two of Mexico’s top sights, the National Museum of Anthropology and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, where he tried some pulque, the precursor of tequila.

The mayor visited the museum’s Maya, Mexica and Gulf Coast exhibits, featuring the famed Aztec Calendar and a giant Olmec stone head. Wednesday morning, he toured the archaeological site, where he also visited obsidian workshops and tasted pulque before scaling the Pyramid of the Sun.

Newsom “ran up the 245 steps and in just five minutes was atop the pre-Hispanic building,” according to the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the agency hosting the visit to the ruins.

Any correlation between the pulque and the mayor’s energetic ascent? INAH didn’t say. It did however report Newsom as saying, “The last 40 steps were the hardest.”

“The view is amazing,” the mayor was also quoted as saying. “It’s my first time in Mexico and I would like to return.”

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